Scholarship For SPM Leavers

Field of Study for Undergraduate Scholarships (Overseas and Local):

  • Business (Finance/Business Management/Accounting/Economics)
  • Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical)
  • IT and Computer Related (Computer Science, Computer System and Networking, Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Engineering)
  • Actuarial Science

Field of Study for Professional Qualification Scholarship:

  • Business (Finance/Business Management/Accounting/Economics)
  • Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Software/Data)

All applicants must be Malaysian citizen, proficient in English, passionate, energetic high achiever who is committed to self-development, driven to excel and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and hold leadership positions at school or university clubs.

Undergraduate Overseas Scholarship

  • Excellent academic track record in Form 4 and Form 5
  • Obtained a minimum of 7As (A+/As) in relevant subjects in SPM examination

Undergraduate Local Scholarship

  • Obtained a minimum CGPA of 3.50
  • Obtained 7A+/A in SPM examination

Professional Qualification Scholarship

  • Fresh graduate of Malaysia’s national public university (IPTA) with a Bachelors’ Degree in either Business (Finance/Business Management/ Accounting/Economics) or Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical) only
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Minimum 2:1 or CGPA of 3.5
  • STPM/Matriculation/Foundation: Minimum CGPA of 3.5
  • Must obtained A in SPM’s English and Mathematic
  • MUET: Band 4 and above only

How to apply for UEM Scholarship 2020 (For SPM Leavers)